And the Winner is…

Sacramento finest Mixologist battled it out last night for a year longs worth of bragging rights and honors as the top dog in Sacramento. The 2010 Midtown Cocktail Week bartenders’ competition was hosted at Lounge on 20 and featured 9 of Sacramento’s most talented and creative Mixologists. The contestants were required to create one of a kind cocktails containing “Royal Combier” Grande Liqueur.

Judges included respected mixology experts: Julio Bermejo (Tommy’s SF), Reza Ezmali (President of USBG SF), Dave Nepove (VP of USBG national and Treasurer of USGB SF, mixologist for Southern Wine and Spirits), Chris Macias (The Sacramento Bee), and the exclusive Yelp Judge Tanisha, who will be Awarding the first annual “So Good When It Hits Your Lips” Award.

As the judges announced the winner, Russell Eastman’s mom stood proud and the crowd went wild. The senior sacramento bartender has competed every year in the MCW mixology competition, progressing each year from 3rd, to 2nd, and now 1st place! His winning drink, The Kings Ransom, contained; Lagavulin 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch, Royal Combier, Aperol, fresh squeezed Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, and fresh Mint. Eastman took home the winning prize of $300, the cocktail shaker trophy, and most importantly bragging rights.

If you want to Master the art of mixing from Russell Eastman himself, enroll in this year’s cocktail creation class. The self-proclaimed Cocktologist Extraordinaire will be shaking things up Sunday, August 15th at Golden Bear from 12-2pm. He will also be serving up drinks at Golden Bears Midtown Cocktail Week event on Saturday and mixing up punch bowls Sunday night at Shady Lady Saloon.

Cheers! Lady Libation

1st Place- Russell Eastman

Golden Bear, The Shady Lady Saloon, and Red Lotus

2nd Place- Chris Tucker

L Wine Lounge and Urban Kitchen

3rd Place- Chris Dooley


Yelp Award- Atique Rahman

Lounge on 20

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One Response to And the Winner is…

  1. Heidi says:

    the yelp winner’s name is atique RAHMAN

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